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Brom Barbershop

by Developer on February 1, 2021
Brom Barbershop
Boothrated: 1

After being nominated in our blog post Brom Barbershop was nominated for the 2021 Shop of the year award, as a result of the exposure Brom Barbershop challenge and gained over 700 reviews. Brom Barbers is a landmark of Gildham Kent, located in the busy town centre, the shop’s client is made up of football celebrates and famous persons for the Kent ares. Matt the owner, attributes his success to the  overwhelming support over the years and especially after being featured on both rates.com.

On behalf of the team here a boothrates.com we would like to welcome Brom Barbershop to the our Diamond Club and wishes Mat the best in the upcoming Booth Beauty Awards 2021


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  • Super Admin
    on March 27, 2021