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Best barber Chairs money can buy

by Developer on January 24, 2021
Best barber Chairs money can buy

Buy the best equipment first time, save money, spread the cost and enjoy tax benefits by leasing your Takara Belmont equipment. Capital investment in high value, high cost equipment is a big decision for any hairdressing and barbering businesses. Too often, purchase compromises are made based on perceived affordability, but buying inferior equipment often costs more in the longterm. The cost of repairs or replacement equipment not only means you end up spending more over time, your business can also suffer from lost revenues due to service disruption, downtime and equipment failure. Takara Belmont equipment and you’re investing in the world’s finest equipment first time, as well as benefiting from tax efficiencies and uninterrupted performance.


Takara Belmont has a preferred leasing organisation called Kennet Leasing, which all our dealers use. When you visit your local Takara Belmont dealer they will be able to guide you through the leasing process and make the necessary arrangements for you.


When the agreement term ends you can own the leased equipment for just one additional monthly payment. However, at this point, you may decide to renew or upgrade your equipment. This is a simple process. Just choose new Takara Belmont equipment, start a fresh leasing arrangement and your new equipment will be delivered by your dealer to replace the existing equipment, which they will take away for you.


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One thought on “Best barber Chairs money can buy

  • Super Admin
    on January 24, 2021

    Nice read.