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Beginners Guide to Straight Razors

by Developer on January 24, 2021
Beginners Guide to Straight Razors
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Does the thought of a razor sharp blade on your neck make you reach for the nearest blunt old safety razor?

Fear not! Follow the steps in this guide and you’ll be enjoying a close shave and not worrying about flashbacks from Sweeney Todd.

This guide will start with the basics and go through just how to use a straight razor. If you are looking for more detail, read through some of our blog posts on individual shaving topics

You’re out of the shower, ready to shave. But wait! Stropping your straight razor before each use is vital to getting the best possible shave. By running it along the strop it keeps the blade aligned and straight, ensuring you get the best possible shave.

Your strop is made up of two components – a fabric side and a leather side. The purpose of the fabric is that it is coarser and it will remove anything that could damage the leather – things like bits of metal or just leftover soap from last time. The leather has a much smoother surface will do the majority of the work on the razor’s surface to keep it straight and aligned


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